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VEKTOR Bag of cordura fabric for 8 rounds 12 caliber

        One-row closed-type cartridge bag made of Cordura fabric ..


VEKTOR Bandolier, closed from cordura fabric with aura and belts made of genuine leather

        Bandolier of cordura fabric with bubbles, with five fixed..


VEKTOR Belt for tarpaulin with a width of 35 mm

A canvas belt with straps made of genuine leather, without an antabuse. Width of 35 mm...


VEKTOR Carrying bag made of nylon with foam polyethylene foam for MP-153, MC 21-12 in disassembled condition

    The cover is made of capron. It is recommended for storage and transportation of ..


VEKTOR Cartridge closed 12 gauge for 25 rounds of genuine leather

    Vector P-42 - closed cartridge belt made of genuine leather for 25 cartridges 12,..

125.00 р.

VEKTOR Cartridge made of genuine leather with removable pouches and additional supporting strap

Cartridge of genuine leather, with removable pouches. Adapted for wearing on the belt an arrow, that is, ..

178.00 р.

VEKTOR Cartridge on a stock for ammunition 12 caliber from a synthetic fabric

        PTRontag P-61 VEKTOR - equipment for the butt to carry 6 ..


VEKTOR Cartridge with nylon cap with bags and strap made of genuine leather

    Closed belt for wearing on a belt for 24 rounds to a smoothbore weapon of 12, 16 ..


VEKTOR Cartridge with removable pouches for 8 cartridges of cordura fabric on a nylon strap

    Cartridge Vector P-39 consists of a belt and 3 removable pouches Vector P-52. The..

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