VEKTOR Cartridge closed 12 gauge for 25 rounds of genuine leather
  • Brand: Vektor
  • Product Code: П-42

    Vector P-42 - closed cartridge belt made of genuine leather for 25 cartridges 12, 16 or 20 caliber. Conditionally the cartridge belt is divided into 5 pouches, five cartridges each, closed by a valve. Valves protect cartridges from the effects of atmospheric precipitation and mechanical damage. The pouches are closed on the "cab button", which provides quick access to the cartridges.

Technical characteristics of the cartridge carrier Vector P-42: Type of cartridge - closed. Material - natural leather with impregnation. The caliber of cartridges is 20, 16 or 12. The adjustment range is from 90 to 120 cm

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